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Get Emergency Ambulance Service in Seelampur by Yadav Ambulance

A reputable and effective provider of Ambulance Services in Seelampur, Yadav Ambulance Service is known for its excellent services, experienced staff, and competitive rates. It was established in 2005 by Mr. Rajesh Yadav, who had the vision to provide dependable and affordable ambulance services. Our well-equipped fleets of ambulances have highly trained medical personnel, and extensive range of ambulance services cater to the diverse needs of different individuals.

  • 1. Availability: The ambulance service is available 24/7 and can be reached through call or through the website.
  • 2. Services: Yadav Ambulance Service provides a range of ambulance services, which includes emergency transportation, non-emergency transportation, and critical care transportation.
  • 3. Experienced Staff: The Ambulance Services in Seelampur has a team of experienced and trained medical professionals and drivers who ensure that patients receive the best possible care during transportation.
  • 4. Vehicles: Yadav Ambulance Service has advance ambulances which are well-maintained and highly equipped ambulances that can handle different types of medical emergencies.
  • 5. Affordable Prices: The ambulance service is affordable which makes it accessible to everyone.
  • 6. Customer Support: Yadav Ambulance Service in Seelampur provides excellent customer support, and our staff is available to answer any queries or concerns related to the ambulance services.
  • 7. Partnership: Yadav Ambulance Service has collaborated with several hospitals and medical centers in Seelampur, ensuring seamless transportation of patients.

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