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Yadav Ambulance Service in R K Puram provides an all-inclusive range of ambulance services that cater to the diverse needs of their esteemed customers. We provide ambulance according to different needs of the people. With a team of highly trained and experienced paramedics and advanced life support equipment, Yadav Ambulance Service ensures safe and reliable transportation of patients and the deceased.

Ambulance Services Offered

Road Ambulance Service
Yadav Ambulance Service in R K Puram provides the Road Ambulance Service, which is the most common ambulance service. The ambulance is fitted with elementary medical equipment and a highly trained paramedic to provide emergent medical care to the patient during the transportation process to the hospital.

ICU Ambulance Service

For critically ill patients who require continuous monitoring and advanced medical support, Yadav Ambulance Service's ICU Ambulance Service is very useful. The ambulance is equipped with life support equipment that is vital in ensuring the patient's stability during transportation. Patients who require a ventilator to breathe can benefit immensely from Yadav Ambulance Service's specialized ICU Ambulance Service. The ambulance comes equipped with a highly specialized ventilator that provides constant oxygen support to the patient during transportation.

Coffin Box Ambulance Service

To transport the deceased in a specialized coffin box, Yadav Ambulance Service in R K Puram offers Coffin Box Ambulance Service. The ambulance is equipped with a specially designed compartment that ensures the safe and secure transportation of the coffin box.

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