Ambulance Service in Sarojini Nagar

Get Emergency Ambulance Service in Sarojini Nagar by Yadav Ambulance

Yadav Ambulance Service is a reputable and competent Ambulance Service in Sarojini Nagar. To meet the different medical transportation needs of people and organizations, we provide a complete range of ambulance services.

To address the medical transportation needs of local residents and businesses, Yadav Ambulance Service in Sarojini Nagar is dedicated to offering top-notch ambulance services.

Type of ambulance services:

1. Patient transport ambulances: Patient transport ambulances are available for non-emergency medical patient transportation through Yadav Ambulance Service. These ambulances have basic medical supplies and a team of trained staff to make sure that patient gets to their location in a safe and comfortable manner.

2. Critical care ambulance: Yadav Ambulance Service provides critical care ambulance services for patients who need extensive medical treatment while being transported. These ambulances have advance life support systems and are staffed by skilled medical professionals who have undergone the appropriate training.

3. Cardiac Ambulance: For patients experiencing cardiac emergencies like heart attacks or cardiac arrest, Yadav Ambulance Service provides cardiac Ambulance Service in Sarojini Nagar.

4. Air Ambulance: For seriously injured or unwell patients who need emergency medical care in a different city or nation, Yadav Ambulance Service also offers Air Ambulance Service in Sarojini Nagar.

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