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Looking for a New Delhi ambulance service, contact Yadav ambulance service today. We are one of the leading Ambulance services operators running in Delhi and Delhi NCR. Here, we offer premium quality and pocket-friendly service. Many people die in road accidents because of a lack of or late ambulance service. We ensure you get the right ambulance service.

For us, the ambulance service is not only a business, and it is our contribution to society. We believe that saving a life is the best way to contribute to humanity. So, we work with a mission to save as many lives as possible. Whether you are looking for an ICU ambulance or a ventilator ambulance, we have comprehensive options.

Well, integrated and hygienic New Delhi ambulance

Our Ambulance services are well equipped with all the life-saving care and equipment. We have stretchers, monitors, ECG monitors, oxygen cylinders, and many other varieties. We operate 24 x 7 and are the fastest New Delhi Ambulance service.

Our ambulance services are designed keeping in mind the safety norms and international standards. We follow the safety norms and standards set up by the Government authorities. Our ambulances are cleaned before and after us.

Why choose the Yadav ambulance service in Delhi?

The following makes us one of the most preferred:

  1. We reached the spot within 15 minutes and takes care of everything, from formalities to correct rituals.
  2. We have all the life-saving equipment like oxygen cylinder/ mask, stretcher, and many more such facilities.
  3. Our Ambulance services are clean, sophisticated, and integrated.
  4. We operate 24 hours, so you can call us anytime, and we will reach you.
  5. We help you keep up with the formalities and minimize the legal work.
  6. Our team of doctors and nurses is always available to help you with the best care and support. Our drivers are well trained to deal with emergency and critical situations.

Our team members are well experienced and trained to deal with an emergency. They know how to extend the proper support and care. Our medical staff members are trained for emergency and first aid treatment.

Whether you need immediate medical assistance for immediate medical equipment, the Ambulance service has it all. Twenty-four-hour facilities and Ambulance services comprise a mini-hospital from the ventilator to monitor.

Call us today to book your New Delhi ambulance service. We are here to help you!

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